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Deep East Jelly Roll


Deep East Jelly Roll – Indoor –
1 oz $180
16 oz $1500
Deep East Rainbow Sherbet x OZ Kush Guava V2 phenotype 19 Color: 7/10 – Very Colorful Nose: 7/10 – Fruity, Earthy, Pungent Potency: 7/10 – Super Frosty. Relaxing High Structure: 7/10 – Dense, Well Manicured Nugs Bud Size: 7/10 – Decent Organic Bud Size, No Smalls Jelly Roll – Deep East Black Sherbet x OZ Kush Guava V2 phenotype 19. 60% Sativa, 40% Indica. Extremely rare genetics bred by Deep East. Grown 100% organic in house. It’s expensive, but still about half the price of what you would pay retail for the same product from the same grow.
1 oz $180

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