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Deep East Manzana


Deep East Manzana 117 – Indoor –
1 lb $1750
1 oz $200

Sour Apple x Rainbow Sherbet V2 phenotype 117 Color: 8/10 – Good Color, Lavender, Green, Orange Nose: 7/10 – Fruity, Caramel, Sweet Potency: 9/10 – Very Frosty Structure: 7/10 – Dense, Well Trimmed Nugs, Couple Irregular Shapes Bud Size: 8/10 – Good Size Nugs An extremely rare exotic strain derived from Sour Apple X Rainbow Sherbet V2 x Pink Guava. This is a hybrid exotic strain that tastes sweet and fruity like apple pie but is still a heavy hitter. Grown 100% organic in house. If you’re getting bored of Runtz and Gelato, give this a try.


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