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Exotic light deps: If you’re looking for really good loud these are for you.

The light deps only ship out on monday.Very loud. They are all grown by 3rd generation farmers, perfectly grown, cured and trimmed. Loud nose on all, nice large nugs. If you are spending $1250, then I highly recommend to stick with these only. Direct from the dispensary. When ordering, let me know what strain and include a back up strain. If you do not want a back up strain then let me know Dont ask me for opinions or for pictures, there are too many to list individually. You can ask me things like, Pick me the best 1700 strain or whatever is most purple I will do my best to do your request. This is the cheapest price list that you can obtain. Full Refund or ship on lost order, if tracking shows delivered or return to sender then no refund is given This is the lowest price for indoor flower. Same strains with different pricing means different quality. By the pound only

Please mention the quantity (size) in Mail, Thank you