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Tag: High quality cannabis


A lot of consumers are using the term exotics in the weed buisness now days. Really it’s just a really high quality and well grown product. That’s what should distinguish it as being exotic anyway. Some consider the cannabis with unique colors or smells or taste to be exotic. But in reality it should check all of the boxes and have it all to be considered exotic. In California some of the exotics are selling for 600 + an oz from some of the better known labels that the Hollywood elite are smoking. Then you have the rap weed made popular by the various rappers that will cost you a high price. Really most places you should have access to really truly exotics for the 300 oz range and if you’re in a State like California, Michigan, or Washington you should be able to find it for much better prices than that. If you’re in some of the toughest states your best bet it to order it online and have it shipped to you. Either way everyone that enjoys smoking weed should at least try some really high quality cannabis at least once to see how it compares to what you’ve been used to smoking.